Vacation Ready: 6 Pro Ways to Protect Your Home While Away

June 22, 2016

Weston Wolfe

Categories: Home, Safety Tips, Travel

Summer break, road trips, family reunions – plenty of reasons to flee to the beach or head out on a summer adventure. However, studies by the Department of Justice show that burglaries increase by 10.5% in the summer months. With so many home unattended during this time, homes are more likely to targeted.

These helpful tips will help protect your home from intruders and keep your mind at ease when you have the out-of-office message turned on.

Befriend Your Neighbor

Having a great neighbor will only ease your mind while you are away. Your neighbors or close friends can be your greatest asset to make sure your place is secured and monitored. Let the local police department know of your travels and share contact information for your trusted neighbor. Have your neighbors check in on any weekly treatments you may have for your home, whether it be gardeners or maintenance. A trusted neighbor will lighten the vacation anxiety before you depart for your adventure.

Lived In Look

Make your home look lived in and STILL occupied while you are away. The addition of timers for your lamps will add the effect of someone roaming the home. For extended trips, have your neighbor move any outdoor furniture around periodically in order to give the look of someone still at home. Notify your postal office of your trip so they hold your mail – bulk collections of mail is a dead giveaway that someone has left the house.

Don’t Forget Trash Day

Trash collection day is a systematic thing for all homeowners, and an easy way for intruders to track and case your home. If you can have someone even just move empty trash bins out to the corner, that will help a great deal and give the appearance that someone is still home.

Lock It Up

Don’t forget to lock up! Double check that all access points, including windows, are secured before leaving. If you have a home security system, check and see if there is an app associated with it so you can be notified of any suspicious activity or disarm upon return. Keep all valuable and sentimental items in a secured, out-of-sight location before any large trip.

Social Media

Be careful what you post – some experienced invaders will follow your activity on social media accounts and will know who to target based on this activity. Change your privacy settings or wait to post any photos/updates until you return.

Prevent Any Other Disaster

Break ins aren’t the only unexpected upset while on vacation. Make sure your home is up-to-date to handle any other natural disaster or issue. Double check smoke detectors, air duct clusters, and remove any existing plugs to avoid a mishap. During the summer, turn down your AC or heat while away, and double check kitchen appliances before heading out the door.

Whether it’s a simple road trip, cross-continental challenge, or impromptu flight deal, make sure you have safety on your mind to stay relaxed while on your much needed vacation.