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April 17, 2017

Wolfe Insurance Group

Categories: Auto

Everyone does it. Texting and driving. These days, our phones are veritable extensions of our hands, our eyes glued to portable screens.

The average person looks at their phone five times an hour, every waking hour.  That’s a lot of screen time combined with the average of 58 minutes spent driving by the average american per day.  The fact is that it’s almost inevitable people will be checking their phones or doing something with their phones during the time they are driving and that raises concerns to all drivers.

Cincinnati Insurance Companies reported that “The average text takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At 45 mph, that’s about the length of a football field.”  

We’re all aware that we shouldn’t be using our phones while we’re driving, but at Wolfe Insurance Group we really wanted to provide some reasonable information to why this is such a large problem so we can help our clients not just by informing them, but also the general public, in order to assist those who will be driving next to our clients every day.

We practice this personally at Wolfe Insurance Group so we’re hoping that by letting you know, you will support us too.  It’s very simple, when you get in your vehicle, put your phone in the center console.  Leave it there.  When you get out of your car, pick up your phone and you can look at it.  That was easy, right?

Now this doesn’t account for calls that you might receive.  This is a valid point.  Handsfree technology is available so if your vehicle doesn’t have bluetooth compatibility then we recommend the following bluetooth headsets to wear while you’re driving IF you need to have calls while driving.  We understand conference calls and long commutes so we absolutely use the technology necessary to keep ourselves hands free while driving.

We hope that you’ll join us in this effort to make our roads safer for everyone and we’ll actively be sponsoring this article on social media to get the word out.  We ask that you share this article on your Facebook page and join in our efforts to promote safer roads for us all.

Thank you all for joining us in doing our part to make these roads safer for everything and for allowing Wolfe Insurance Group to service your insurance needs.  We’re always looking to grow our business and if you have friends and family you would recommend us to, we appreciate any referral provided!

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