Stay Safe: Holiday Shopping Precautions

November 29, 2016

Wolfe Insurance Group

Categories: Christmas

Holiday shopping season is here, many of us will be out shopping and enjoying the festivities. While we’re out enjoying the holiday spirit and even shopping for those last minute gifts, we also need to be aware of our surroundings and develop a safe routine because unscrupulous individuals may be out to take advantage of our festive mood. Here are things to keep in mind when you are out.

  • Never leave valuable items in clear view in your vehicle  ̶  thieves target your car for items they see; put your valuables in the trunk
  • Always lock your vehicle when you park
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Park in an area with heavy foot traffic, not in an isolated spot
  • When stopping for fuel, always lock your vehicle if you leave it
  • When pumping gas, lock the doors on the other side of the car to prevent thieves from grabbing your purse or other valuables while your attention is diverted
  • Never leave your keys in your car or the ignition  ̶  your car key ring usually has your house keys on it, and this could prove dangerous and costly
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Take a look around and be conscious of the people around you.
  • Always make sure your valuables are secured.
  • If you carry a purse or satchel, don’t leave your purse in the seat of a shopping cart
  • Immediately notify police and provide them with as much information as you can concerning the property taken
  • Immediately, while the information is fresh in your mind, note a description of the responsible individual and his or her vehicle, license plate number or other identifying information
  • Make note of the direction the thief fled, and pass that information to the authorities

Weston Wolfe and Wolfe Insurance Group are wishing you a happy holiday season!

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