Secure Your Safe Road Trip

April 05, 2016

Weston Wolfe

Categories: Auto, Travel

Set your GPS and hit the road – as the seasons change for the warmer, more and more road trips are being planned.  A great and affordable way to see new sites, attractions, and connect with friends and family.

Avoid the stress with these helpful tips to ensure your journey is safe, relaxed, and stressful.

Make Sure You and the Vehicle Are Ready

Better safe than sorry. A quick check of the vehicle will make sure you avoid any nasty bumps in your travels. Check the tire pressure, make sure you have enough coolant and fluids, and double check all exterior lights. If you haven’t gotten an oil change recently, check that the oil is in good condition or get a change at your local auto shop.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Accidents and mishaps happen but being prepared helps offset the delays with items such as jumper cables, flares, batteries, and flashlights. Keep your roadside assistance contact information handy in case extra assistance is needed. For those cold nights, having an extra blanket keeps travelers calm and warm while waiting for service.

Defense is the Best Offense

Defensive drivers are significantly safer and eliminate the risk of collisions and accidents. Allow for aggressive drivers to pass by and avoid responding to negative drivers. Keep a safe distance with other drivers to have a smooth ride. Also, lowered speeds will improve gas milage which helps save costs.

Plan Your Pit Stops and Enjoy the Ride

Looking ahead on your route always you to know where rest areas, gas stations, food options, and even attractions are located along your ride. This will keep the journey lively and you can avoid “dead zones” where stops are not available. Get a good night’s rest before, have a mixtape/playlist ready and enjoy the company of the road.