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Whether you have jewelry, art, collectibles, or antiques, a standard homeowner’s policy may not provide enough coverage for your possessions. Wolfe Insurance Group will discuss the coverage options and customize the appropriate solution for your needs.


Standard Homeowner’s policies provide very limited coverage for jewelry, depending on the company, typically just a few thousand dollars. Here are some important aspects to consider: Insurance Experts suggest reappraising your jewelry every 2 to 4 years to ensure its fair market value is reflected upon the amount you have it insured for in the event of a claim. The value of gold and other precious metals has substantially increased the last 10 years

Fine Arts & Collectibles

If you have valuable art, antiques, or collections, in the event that they are stolen, lost, or damaged, the chances are that your homeowner’s policy doesn’t provide enough coverage. These valuable items deserve the right insurance protection.

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