OSU Internship with Wolfe Insurance Group

May 08, 2017

Wolfe Insurance Group

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OSU internship with Wolfe Insurance Group

This week we’re excited to welcome Lauren Lapid to the team as part of our internship with Wolfe Insurance Group in Columbus Ohio.

Lauren is an incoming third-year student Marketing major with a minor in Social Psychology and Personality at Ohio State University Fisher School of Business. 

She developed a passion for networking and brandingLauren says “I love the psychology behind marketing and figuring out why people act the way they do. I enjoy thinking of new and creative ways to reach or expand a target market!”  

Lauren also serves as the Vice President of Finance for American Marketing Association at OSU, where she creates a budget and allocate spending for eventsThrough this organization, she also gets to network with marketing professionals around Columbus, Ohio and learn how they successfully differentiate their brands. She also plans events around campus and downtown Columbus to distribute promotional items and promote the studio’s upcoming movies.  

When Lauren is not working hard to plan Columbus’s next event she enjoys baking, distance running, and watching movies. 

She will be with us through the academic year as a part of the internship program.

Welcome to the team, Lauren!

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