Check Before the Wreck: Safety Features to Have in 2016

May 24, 2016

Weston Wolfe

Categories: Auto, Travel

Auto dealer handing over new keys

Bluetooth, moon roofs, and butt warmers aren’t the only upgrades to have for your new car. Although those things might make your commutes more comfortable, there are a few items for your new ride you should consider to enhance your safety. Here are five new safety enhancements to add to your new car “wish list”.

Lane Departure Warning

Don’t worry about going left of center. Newer vehicles are including this warning system to keep you within your lane. The software utilizes cameras or lasers to analyze the lane markers and notify you if you move outside the lane without a signal. Some versions also use this system to avoid other vehicles from collisions.

Blind Spot Warning

That pesky little blind spot, always in the way. Many accidents around occur around the country by drivers unaware of what’s in their blind spot. Blind spot warning uses cameras or radars to detect vehicles within your blind spot, using either a warning sound or light. These systems make sure you are safely changing lanes and add an extra eye to your journey.

Pedestrian Detection

Camera technology can also help avoid accidents with roadside pedestrians, even stop the vehicle before any impending collisions. Volvo was the first to use this technology to automatically stop the vehicle even if the driver is unable to hit the breaks, and now many different automakers are incorporating this in their newer models. Industry experts estimate this will be incorporated into all new vehicles by 2018.

Backup Cameras

This is a 2016 must have. As many newer models have a digital display, the use of a backup rear camera makes life that much easier. Avoid the dents and mishaps with the rear camera displayed easily while in reverse. You’ll be able to spot things like pets, people, toys, or other low-hanging objects.

Telematic Software Systems

No more 8-track players or cassette adaptors needed – new telematic systems integrate bluetooth technology for hands-free use and gps mapping. Newer systems even have the ability to pair an app to your vehicle to find lost vehicles in parking lots, lock your vehicle, or even start the car before you get to it.
Let these enhancements raise the bar for your safe journeys and daily commutes.